New office post pandemic

The New Office-Post Pandemic

We are now more than six months into the Covid 19 pandemic. With this outbreak and its end not due anytime soon, it has been obvious that the entire office space industry has been massively disrupted with many individuals and corporates globally receiving mandatory Work From Home (WFH ) orders. With remote working becoming mainstream, ideas of down sizing and even abandoning the office space have surfaced. The global flexible workspace industry has also suffered a similar blow, with corporates […]

Business Continuity Planning

Why is Business Continuity Planning so important for many businesses ?

The recent Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak that has engulfed the entire world has thrown many businesses into complete disarray and with many hurriedly for immediate disaster recovery and alternate workspace options for their employees. With many getting infected even in big organisations, i.e Facebook & Grab and even in government bodies , no one is immune to it. Many big organisations already have their own Business Continuity Planning or Workspace Disaster Recovery framework in place, even way before this virus outbreak. […]

A New Office

Common Mistakes Made When Leasing A New Office

Either when you are having an established business or you are just starting up, finding the right office for your team is one of the most important things you will need to undertake as a business leader or decision-maker. However, finding the ideal office space for your business is certainly no easy task. It can take up a person or even a whole team plenty of time and resources, With more than 6 years of industry experience, we have helped numerous […]

Flexible office space

How much space is really needed for your office?

In our course of work in advising businesses on their choice of office space, one of the most often asked questions is :  How much space is  really needed for my office? Before embarking on the search for their ideal office space, most businesses often miscalculate or even overestimate ( which is much often the case ) the space that is really necessary for their normal day to day business operations. Before we start the search for  our clients, the […]

How To Save Money When Leasing A New Office?

Office rent is always one of the biggest running monthly cost for every business. Therefore no  effort must be spared to ensure that businesses spend within their budget , ideally optimising all resources. There are a number of ways in which you can pull down your expenditure and run your office at minimal costs. A right-sized office Get an office space that has sufficient space to accommodate all your office staff and activities, but not too large that some portion […]

Building Classification

Understanding office building classification types

When it comes to quality, safety and efficiency, office buildings can often be found under different classification types. Typically, all office buildings fall into one of three classes or grades.  Grade A, Grade B or Grade C. Standards often vary by market and city. Each category is defined in relation to its counterpart, so developers, investors and prospective buyers / tenants can all identify and determine each building accordingly. Classification allows for the differentiation between buildings, which makes it easier […]

Mapletree business city

Why Business Park Space is considered an attractive option for office space occupiers?

Image Credit : Mapletree   Singapore has been long considered as an established financial and business city, and  a preferred hub for many foreign businesses keen on establishing their Asia Pacific HQ in the region, especially in the rise of the massive South East Asia market.  In order to meet various needs of industries and needs, the government has been working on major business and industrial infrastructure and developments islandwide, in the CBD city centre, city fringe and the suburban […]

Downsides of working in a co-working space

Downsides of using a co-working space

Co-working space or Flexible workspace as you called it basically has taken the front line of every commercial real estate articles and news in every major or even minor city worldwide. The percentage of flexible workspace has also began to increase dramatically in overall office space availability in many cities, especially in Asia. It has not only attracted the likes of freelancers, entrepreneurs ,startups and MNCs. Now it has also attracted big investments from Venture capital funds and huge sovereign […]

Office Space For Rent

10 major considerations when searching for new office space

1. Right amount of  floor area Perhaps the first and most important consideration will be the size of your new office space.  In common scenarios, most office managers or planners often plan for 50-100% increase , compared to current size that they have. However this often may not be feasible as they may not have assessed whether the space in their current set up is properly optimised to see if there are provisions for extra space for additional workstations or ancillary […]

Rent Serviced Offices in Marina Bay Financial Centre

Why you should rent a serviced office in Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) In Singapore?

Why should you rent a serviced office in Marina Bay Financial District (MBFC) in Singapore?  If you are looking to set up and expand your business in Singapore, you need to pay particular attention towards a few important factors. The location of your office is perhaps the most important one.  If you go for an office that is positioned in a strategic location, you will be provided with a great chance to open up yourself to a large number of […]