Open plan offices versus private offices

Open plan versus Private office space. Which is better for your team?

Small and big business are beginning to take advantage of co-working and flexible workspaces for their businesses. Flexible workspaces give business the opportunity to easily set up and run a business within a few hours. Instead of looking for a perfect location for your business, paying expensive rents, furnishing and employing staff, co-working spaces give these features all in one. Whereas many have opt for private office space , whether its within or outside a co-working facility.  Open Plan vs […]

Using shared offices for recruitment firms

Benefits of Using Shared Offices for Recruitment Firms

Generally, recruitment is a procedure whereby a company that requires staff hires a third-party agency to select appropriate employees based on their skills and abilities. Many small businesses can easily recruit new staff by throwing a local advert in newspaper, magazines and public notice boards. However, in the case of a larger company is not the same. Self-recruitment is not usually practical with larger businesses as it is impossible to fill a large number of vacancies in a different location […]

Flexible workspace for rent

How using flexible workspace can save your organization money?

Flexible co-working spaces and serviced office rentals are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Freelancers, small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and even big companies are choosing to work under a flexible workspace for their day-to-day activities. More so, this set of people now prefers and appreciates the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and enterprises. To this extent, the idea of flexible workspace has grown into a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. A flexible workspace, such as a co-working space is […]

window office for one pax

Distracting Co-Workers? Here’s How to Keep Your Focus in a Your Workspace

Distracting Co-Workers? Here’s How to Keep Your Focus In Your Workspace   So, you’ve arrived at work, you’ve planned your day and you are ready and motivated to get started on the hottest new project. Great! But what happens when your distracting co-workers arrive and start to ruin your productivity? Sometimes we find that co-workers or employees simply like to chat and speak very loudly. They may not realise they are doing more harm, but when you’re trying to work, […]

Guide To Setting Up An Office In Taiwan

About Taiwan Taiwan is a fast-moving capitalist country, whose economy is driven mainly by its exports of petrochemicals, electronics and machinery. Structural reforms have facilitated this steady growth, which has been on the rise since 2009. Taiwanese free trade agreements with other countries in the region has also enabled a boost in trade volume between its trade partners. Some of the most prominent companies that have come out from Taiwan are namely Hon Hai ( better known as Foxconn Technologies) […]

How Using A Serviced Office Could Save Start-Ups Money

How Using a Serviced Office Could Save Start-Ups Money Starting a new business can be very intimidating and expensive, so it’s normal or perhaps even advisable to try to simplify matters , aggressively cutting costs and  saving as much as  money wherever possible. For most new businesses and startups, the largest costs are office rentals and staff salaries. So it’s pretty normal most businesses will start out by operating from home or some cafes. And of course keeping your team […]

Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong?

Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong? As you probably know by now, the serviced office space is continuously outpacing the conventional office rentals in many countries across the world. The situation is the same in Asia. If you are looking to set up your office in Hong Kong,  you can rent a serviced office in Hong Kong to explore the benefits without having to own anything while working in the best locations. The serviced office industry is […]

Guide To Setting Up An Office In Malaysia

About Malaysia One of the most progressive Muslim countries in the world, Malaysia is the third largest economy in South East Asia. It is an important player in the region’s manufacturing landscape, being a key exporter of not just manufactured goods, but also raw materials. Private investment is also highly encouraged by the positive business environment in Malaysia.   Benefits of setting up an office in Malaysia Supportive government The Malaysian government is a highly supportive of foreign investment, and […]

Guide To Setting Up An Office In Thailand

About Thailand Besides being a famous tourist destination, Thailand is also an increasingly popular choice for foreign businesses.  It is the 2nd largest economy in South-East Asia, right after Indonesia. They are heavily reliant on exports, which make up to 60% of their total GDP. These exports consist of products such as agricultural produce, electronics, textiles and rubber.   Benefits of setting up an office in Thailand Investment-friendly policies The Thai government has always priorities having a free and open […]

Short Term Office Rental In Hong Kong

Short Term Office Rental In Hong Kong : Fully Furnished Office Space Tailored To Your Needs And Budget Looking to start a new company ? Looking for an office to house your startup? Is your current office undergoing renovations? Or is your company starting a new project that requires additional staff for a specified period? So are you looking to rent a short term office in Hong Kong ?  If yes, you have probably come across many alternatives and different […]