1. I need an office space tomorrow! Are you able to get me an office this fast?

Absolutely ! In our course of businesses , we have helped many clients in leasing office space of their choice in their desired locations many times. However this is subjected to availability. Given such availability, most flexible office space providers will and can allow you to move as fast as 24 hours , with the completion of all paperwork and payment which are very much simplified , compared to hassle of the overwhelming paperwork and procedures of leasing a traditional office space.

2.  What are Flexible Workspaces ? 

Flexible Workspaces also known as shared office space, are specially custom made commercial office space for businesses and individuals to use with no fixed or flexible lease terms and also allows businesses from one single person or an entire team to lease.  This type of office space is fitted with basic equipment and furnishings, like desks, and chairs. and facilities like meeting rooms, board rooms, pantry etc. Most Flexible Workspace falls into this 2 main categories- Serviced Offices and Co-working Space.

3.   Are our services Free of Charge ?

Absolutely 100 % free and non-obligatory.

4. Why should i deal with you, instead of going directly to the office/ workspace provider?

When sourcing for a office space, either for yourself or your team, it’s always the very best deal that you want to land. Not even the 2nd best will settle. Comparison of your options on your own is a very tough proposition especially when you have better business to focus on. Due to our comprehensive knowledge and database, we are able to provide you with the widest range of options that are available in the market with a complete impartial overview of your options. We also conduct a  comparative analysis on your behalf, this allows you to pick and choose the most suitable options to tour, lease and move in eventually in the shortest time possible.

Also due to the extensive partnership and strong relationship we have with all of the Vendors & Providers, our clients are not only guaranteed the same rates but even better ones.

5. Will you allow us to negotiate with the providers directly?

Yes. Of course. We believe in conducting business in a completely transparent and honest manner. By facilitating open channels of communication between both parties have greatly helped in clients in touring and moving into their ideal office space in the swiftest manner possible.

6.  So how does it work?

> Just submit your enquiry to us. We will contact you and send you a shortlist of office space with your desired requirements.
> Viewings will be arranged accordingly to your schedule.
> We will then analyse the findings with you after the viewings, so as to select your ideal office space among those you have viewed


Our professionally trained team will help you to connect to the best flexible office and workspace providers that can greatly enhance your business activities. You will have many opportunities to ramp up your business connectivity in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, & Beijing  in Asia. It is our commitment to assist you to improve your business performance and reduce your costs.

If you have a burning question that did not appear above, please contact us here