A New Office

Common Mistakes Made When Leasing A New Office

Either when you are having an established business or you are just starting up, finding the right office for your team is one of the most important things you will need to undertake as a business leader or decision-maker. However, finding the ideal office space for your business is certainly no easy task. It can take up a person or even a whole team plenty of time and resources, With more than 6 years of industry experience, we have helped numerous […]

Office Space For Rent

10 major considerations when searching for new office space

1. Right amount of  floor area Perhaps the first and most important consideration will be the size of your new office space.  In common scenarios, most office managers or planners often plan for 50-100% increase , compared to current size that they have. However this often may not be feasible as they may not have assessed whether the space in their current set up is properly optimised to see if there are provisions for extra space for additional workstations or ancillary […]