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10 Things to consider when choosing a co-working space

With mushrooming of multiple co-working and shared office space in the past 2 years throughout Asia, choosing a space that fits you and your business may not be an easy task at all. Let’s discuss are the specific things that needed to be considered carefully before signing up at your ideal office.        1.   What’s in the space ?   Most spaces will be fitted out with standard office equipment, but be sure to enquire about anything […]

Differences between a Co-working Space and a Serviced Office

In the course of our work, we are very often asked about this question. And we are aware that many people will still stumble upon it and struggle to answer it properly. Let’s take a closer look at this below Co-working Space Serviced Offices Office Open concept plan, collaborative, with shared amenities and facilities. Tend to incorporate lifestyle elements and facilities such as rest & massage rooms, in house cafes, bar counters and pool tables. Each office occupied by one […]

Why invest in Asia Pacific

Why Invest in Asia Pacific?   If you are planning to make a significant investment, there’s no reason to limit yourself to investing within your own country – or even continent. Investments in Asia are on the rise, but why? Read on to learn more about why investors are considering Asia Pacific as their next destination.     Asia Pacific is consistently a fast-growing region. Asia’s growth rates consistently outperform others around the world, making it a primary catalyst of […]

Government Schemes and Office Rental Subsidies for Businesses in Asia Pacific

Setting up a new business can be very expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of commercial premises rental. Luckily, some governments in Asia Pacific are so set on promoting new businesses and entrepreneurship that they are offering schemes and subsidies to help make setting up your commercial and office space rental more affordable. Here are some of the top schemes and programs throughout the region, as well as what you can do to save money if you find […]

Singapore Flexible Office Rental Guide

Singapore – a leading financial powerhouse city-state, strategically located in the centre of South East Asia, is a magnet for various kind of businesses , ranging from start ups , small- medium enterprises and large Multinational Companies in setting up their offices and headquarters here. Due to slate of businesses friendly policies and robust financial and stock system , there has been a increase of demand in the wide myriad of offices available throughout the island state. Conventional offices with […]

Considering Investment In Asia Pacific? Here’s How To Do Your Research

    As with any business venture, research is key when you’re considering investing or setting up business in Asia Pacific. You may already have started to take a deeper look at your options and how you could achieve your goals. But if you’re stumped on where to begin, here are five starter tips for getting on the right track.   Understand Local Business Trends Every location has a different approach to business, as well as its own set of […]

Checklist For Leasing Your First Office

For most businesses or startups, leasing your first office always appears to be one of the most challenging tasks. Not only it’s an critical task, it’s also an financially straining and even an frustrating one. Let us help you with drawing up a list of what you should look at, so that it can help you to solve most of your headaches going forward. 1. Is an physical office really essential ? Decide if you really need one. To a […]

China Office Space

Differences Between Renting an Office in Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA

Whether you’re simply curious about what it’s like to rent commercial space in other parts of the world, or you’re set on expanding internationally, it can be helpful for businesses to understand the differences between renting an office in Asia when compared to Europe and the United States. Read on to discover a more in-depth look at the current situation for renting commercial space in each of these locations and gain a better understanding of how they may vary. United […]

Kuala Lumpur: A Rising Location for Start-Ups

Anyone with a working knowledge of business in the Asia Pacific region will be aware of the ways Kuala Lumpur is emerging as a start-up hub, especially if you’re in with the up and coming crowd of entrepreneurs. It was also rated as the top 11 tech cities in Asia  However, it hasn’t always been that way. A while back, many top businesses in Kuala Lumpur were pulling out of the local scene and heading for Singapore, Australia or the […]

Guide To Setting Up An Office In China

About China China is one of the world’s largest economies. With its growing middle class and its consumption needs, as well as unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, China has grown to a scale that is largely uncontested. As Chinese companies such as Alibaba ,  Didi Daiche and Tencent lead the fray, China’s tech and ecommerce industry is also experiencing a renaissance amidst a heavily regulated climate.   Benefits of Setting Up An Office in China Investment / Free Zone Zones ( FTZ )  China […]