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Short Term Office Rental In Hong Kong

Short Term Office Rental In Hong Kong : Fully Furnished Office Space Tailored To Your Needs And Budget

Looking to start a new company ? Looking for an office to house your startup?

Is your current office undergoing renovations?

Or is your company starting a new project that requires additional staff for a specified period?

So are you looking to rent a short term office in Hong Kong

If yes, you have probably come across many alternatives and different solutions when it comes to this problem.  In order to save time and resources, you may want to rely on industry professionals for help. At Find Your Next Office  we pride ourselves on offering many different options of fully furnished office space for rent in Hong Kong – available to businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs with different needs.

In order to illustrate the benefits of renting a short term office in Hong Kong, let us begin with these great reasons to rent temporary office space  and serviced offices in Hong Kong.

5 Great Reasons To Rent Serviced Offices for Short Term Office Space In Hong Kong

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur short on time and with a busy schedule, you probably see that lifting your business off the ground is not just an important but also costly decision. The truth is, most of the startups and small businesses make the first leap forward with renting spaces that give them the legitimacy to work from the perfect office and a couple of other benefits. Below, we are listing some of the best reasons to consider this decision.


First and foremost is the cost. Now, short term office rental in Hong Kong can be a great way to work from while one gets busy in the business. Most of the office spaces are offered at lower rent than renting traditional spaces – and nowadays there are packages that can get you the best bang for your buck.

Another thing when it comes to billing. It is so much more simplified. There is the absence of additional bills – such as IT support, Internet, maintenance, furniture or receptionist services which are all provided in the Hong Kong serviced office rentals. All these are very often provided to clients in just one bill.

2. Time savings

When renting office space in Hong Kong for short term, you are saving both time and money. From the very beginning, there are no setup costs and everything is laid out so that you can start working and focus on your work itself. Without having to deal with designing, furnishing, setting up the Internet, phone lines etc. – you can just simply plug and play and work immediately from Day One.

3. Networking

Another great plus of short term office rental in Hong Kong is the chance to network with other businesses, startups or entrepreneurs. As you may know, in today’s business world, this is essential for success – and the serviced offices in Hong Kong usually possess some of the most interesting tenant mix ranging from creative startups to medium sized enterprises and large conglomerates. From networking , mutual exchange of information to learning from one another, such benefits are endless.

4. Flexibility

If you want to book a fully furnished office space for rent in Hong Kong but are not sure for how many days (or weeks) you need it – don’t worry. The truth is, leases of most serviced offices are kept flexible. Even if you are looking for an office for the long run – you can easily find one in those packages provided.

Additionally, they give your business the option to downsize or expand in size – and as your business grows – provide an additional space that works for your needs and budget.

5. Image

One very important reason to choose serviced offices for rent in Hong Kong is actually the look of your office. From the professional atmosphere that will boost creativity and productivity to your team members and as well as attracting potential investors in the city, your business will be seen as one that is industry-leading and ready for growth and definitely credible. And the best part?

You will also have a professional looking conference room for important meetings – just like a Fortune 500 company!

The Popularity Of Temporary Office Space Solutions In Hong Kong

As you see from above, there are so many reasons to choose serviced offices if you require short-term office rental in Hong Kong. In fact, renting office space in Hong Kong for short term is rising in terms of popularity and most of the offices are getting booked as soon as they are published.

The fact that you get to operate your business with features like full IT and phone support, executive meeting room access, reception services and everything paid and available for a flat fee – is one that clearly gives a lot of tremendous benefits.

Instead of looking for locations, buying furniture and setting up your business when you are not sure of its growth, renting a serviced office in Hong Kong is a tailor-fit solution that will help you make most of the current situation of your business.

From Co-working Spaces To Your Personal Workspace Solutions

There are so many ways you can use the serviced offices in Hong Kong. Today work is getting more mobile and when all you need is only a laptop to finish your daily tasks. So what is normally required is a conducive workspace to get connected. Therefore it is true that a fully furnished office space for rent in Hong Kong is what many businesses, freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs or just people with ideas find as their best solution.

Speaking of which…

One of the best things about renting office space in Hong Kong for the short term is the flexibility. You can be a freelancer who is alone, a bunch of people with a crazy idea to change the world or an entire company in need of an actual business presence with conference rooms and a nice address name.

You also enjoy the flexibility of renting the type of space that you and your team desire. You can either rent a flexible desk, dedicated desk or even a private office room for your team.

Start Focusing On Your Work And Consider A  Short Term Office Rental in Hong Kong

You can rent an office for the day, week or year. Everything is included from high-speed internet to conference rooms – and even coffee.

Eliminating the time that you need to handle things yourself, leasing serviced offices for short-term office rental is a choice where you get to focus on your work and let all the things aside.

If you are ready to base or start your business in one of the best business hotspots in Hong Kong…

Contact us today and get a free cost estimate on our short-term office rentals!


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