Serviced Office Singapore

Why Should You Rent A Serviced Office Space?

Leasing a serviced office is one of the best options if your business require short term office rental. It is an ideal option, especially for small and medium businesses, large conglomerates, for the purpose of international or offshore projects and temporary office space during office renovation or relocation. Leasing a serviced office will surely provide a lot of benefits and also resolve a lot of your headaches. Some of the greatest benefits of leasing a serviced office are:

  • It provides flexible leases and terms
  • It provides you a great opportunity to test different marketplace for your business without committing to a permanent place of business.
  • Provides a huge scope of technical requirements and general business facilities for smooth business operation at one price.
  • It offers ready to occupy and use workspace almost instantly!
  • It enables you to get a proper commercial office at the most premium business locations at competitive prices.
  • Each business just has to pay only for the facility you use, even on a ad hoc basis, such as a meeting room, board room, and conference facilities.
  • When leasing a serviced office, you do not need to pay money for electricity bills, water bills, office maintenance services and even the office receptionist and cleaner.

However, all the serviced offices do not provide the same level of facilities and amenities. It is therefore highly recommended to engage a professional office broker and consultant. Office brokers have comprehensive knowledge and information about the current industry and market , ideas about the best business locations in your desired city and possess good negotiation skills. All of the above will help many businesses to procuring the best office space for rent.

Not sure where is the best ideal office location for your next office? Let us know how we can help ! We have been assisting businesses of all sizes in leasing serviced offices, flexible offices and co working offices in all cities in Asia Pacific since 2012. We possess comprehensive knowledge and prices of flexible and serviced office pricing in all cities and districts in Asia. Irregardless the size of office space you need, number of workstations, number of servers and even number of telephones required, we are here to solve your problems.

Not sure of how you going to go about it? Looking for an office in Singapore , Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur? Contact us now today and our friendly customer service team will assist you right away on your enquiry, so that you will be able to move into your ideal office space fast !