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Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong?

Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong?

As you probably know by now, the serviced office space is continuously outpacing the conventional office rentals in many countries across the world. The situation is the same in Asia. If you are looking to set up your office in Hong Kong,  you can rent a serviced office in Hong Kong to explore the benefits without having to own anything while working in the best locations.

The serviced office industry is also among the fastest growing sectors in the global property market. Ever since the global recession, there have been many businesses who opted to rent serviced offices in Hong Kong and similar destinations because of many factors.

This growing trend of leasing fully-furnished office space and serviced offices makes sense in economies where businesses are constantly streamlining their operational costs. Fortunately, Hong Kong is one of them – and is among the very few countries that offers a stable economy and reasonable rates for business establishments. 

Why Lease A Serviced Office In Hong Kong?

Being a international finance and business hub, Hong Kong attracts many businesses in setting up offices, in various locations across Hong Kong island and Kowloon Peninsula. In a nutshell, serviced offices in Hong Kong are great because they can save small companies, especially startups a lot of money and time- They have also proved to be highly beneficial to a lot of larger multi national companies as well in terms of costs savings and ease in setting up.

One of the answers that clears a lot of doubts are actually three main benefits – efficiency, flexibility and practicality. This is what makes renting and leasing serviced offices in Hong Kong a smart decision that doesn’t hurt the wallet, as opposed to leasing conventional offices where large amount of money is required for renovations and outfitting. 

It is also important to say that in today’s modern world, companies are getting more dynamic,  movements and expansions are much faster. As such, it is really hard to find a conventional office space – especially for all the new and emerging businesses that don’t have massive budgets. In recent years, cash rich mainland Chinese companies have dominated the office leasing market in prime districts in Hong Kong like Central and Admiralty. As a result, many smaller  companies have been squeezed out by the sky high office rents on the island, which is the highest in the world now.Here, the cost of serviced offices in Hong Kong comes as the perfect solution – and one that lets the business scale and establish a presence in the city in the shortest time possible. 

Most of the serviced offices for rent in Hong Kong are nowadays configured to suit your own personal and business needs and greatly vary in sizes. From the comfort of one room to the comfort of a massive building, scaling a business is always best if you decide to lease serviced office in Hong Kong , as it allows maximum flexibility in your office leases. 

This will not only allow you to have access to an infrastructure that grows as you do – but also lets you share amenities with other office tenants and save money while growing your business. Additional, the pay-as-you-use facilities also play a major role in keeping down the cost of serviced office in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Business Climate And Its Attractive Rewards For International Businesses

Ultimately, we should not forget the fact that Hong Kong offers a very stable and efficient business environment. If you are looking to rent serviced office in Hong Kong, you should know that you are placing your business in the world’s 9th largest economy and a country with British common law jurisdiction which derives the concept of a trust. It also allows you the opportunity to open up to the global economy and being located in the doorstep of mainland China, it offers easy access to the world’s 2nd largest economy. 

There are many banks, accountancy firms, lawyers and other professionals who chose to lease serviced office in Hong Kong and take advantage of all these benefits that the country offers. The ability to bring local and overseas firms together into a single business community is what Hong Kong does best – creating a business environment that is not only focused on growth locally and internationally but innovation and costs reductions. 

If you are interested to lease a serviced office in Hong Kong , and yet not sure which locations in Hong Kong you should go for, feel free to contact us here anytime. We will be very happy to assist you with our free , non obligatory service in helping you to locate and lease your ideal office in Hong Kong !


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