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Mechanics of Searching for a New Office

Mechanics Of Searching For A New Office

Gone were the days when you go searching for an office of 1500 to 2000 square feet , that can accommodate 8 to 10 persons. And you spend precious time visiting more than 10 sites with different real estate agents. Upon shortlisting the space, negotiating with the Landlord, and then renovating and out fitting it.  And you end up getting locked up in a 3 years lease without knowing how your business will turn out to be in 6 months time ? Gosh ! Look at the kind of work, time and money involved. Not forgetting the amount of money spent  in office out fitting , equipment, deposits and agent commissions etc.

At Asia Serviced Offices, our mission is to make leasing office space the most simplest and hassle free task at zero costs to you. We believe that finding and booking a 2 persons office for 3 days , should be just as easy as securing a team office for 100+ workstations for 12 months.  More importantly, the solutions that are given to you allows you the flexibility to scale up or even down size accordingly to your business needs.

Our goal is to provide a holistic, straight forward experience that supports all types of workspace needs and allows you to enjoy a wide angled view of the actual real time availability in the market and prices. By delivering such a radically simplified procurement process, your office search has became into a just matter of a few clicks on the keyboard.

How do we do this?

We have handled so many different cases from extremely complex to downright simple needs and requirements of our clients. Truly, there’s no two exact similar cases. Such that we are well equipped with the knowledge and data which is integral in helping us to nail down your ideal office space.

Our customer’s needs

  1. Preferred locations :  We covered the entire country and city that you desire. You may not know the city if you are a new comer. And that’s where we come in.

       2.  Requirements : Do you need an office complete with telephone lines , high speed fibre internet?         Or perhaps a front desk receptionist to go with it? What about a break out area for your team     members? Sophisticated requirements may need some server space or even dedicated VOIP phones.

       3.  Extras- Some clients want something more than an office. Perhaps a gym and pool to go with it. Co -working office space tenants will want to work in a place where they can work along side with like-minded people and startups.

        4.    Different environments for unique work styles

Is working in a Grade A corporate office building your cup of your tea? Or maybe working in a heritage shophouse could be better. Each kind of space tells a different story of what people wants and perhaps wish that their business may incorporate into that environment seamlessly.

          5.  Price

The most critical factor was all about price. Many customers were puzzled or maybe even put off by some listed prices. We managed to break down what their exact needs are all about and managed to re- configure the space and negotiate the price to a level which is much more palatable. To order to provide this solution, the information and past transaction data that we have , will be critical.

          6. Transparent prices for office suites & desks,

The listed pricing for office suites and desks of Serviced Offices and Co-working facilities definitely help in improving transparency. Definition of charge value per person or workstation is the common denominator of pricing in today’s flexible office industry. But does that apply strictly across the industry? It really depends. Based on our expertise and experience, we will be able to explain the possible different scenarios and work out the most ideal solution for you.

Our Solutions :

What’s your next move ?

Our team is committed to improving your search experience. The entire work place industry has been revolutionised and massive disruption is happening to traditional commercial real estate. Big landlords are also getting onto the bang wagon incorporating co-working space and linking up with  flexible workspace providers to transform the industry.

With the advent of technology, the demands and shape of the office space environment , requirements and demographics are fast evolving. 

Armed with extensive industry knowledge , search experience and relevant data, we are well equipped to handle such a radical evolution.

This radical evolution will require a tailored workplace strategy that combines the power of our advanced search methodology with the personal, human interaction we have with our partners and customers.

Looking for a Serviced Office or Flexible Office solution in this region? Do not hesitate to tap into our network and knowledge now, be it in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur , Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Reach us now at Asia Serviced Offices for a Free , Non Obligatory discussion on your office needs !