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Benefits of setting up an office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is made of several various sheikdoms and is located on the border of the Arabian Peninsula. The country itself has been on the forefront of twenty-first century inventions and modernity. The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most affluent states in the region since oil was discovered in the 1930s.

A diverse economy and tourism have made the country very attractive to prospective investors and as such setting up an office in UAE has always been a rewarding experience.

Here are a few benefits of setting up an office in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Accessibility to a Diversified Market

The market in the UAE has found a lot of diversification in recent years. While the petroleum industry continues to be extremely important to the economic success of the nation, the United Arab Emirates has seen sustained increase in technology, science and tourism.

  • A Central Point for Commerce and World Trade

The UAE is situated in the heart of a number of the most significant trade and business routes in the world. This is very true and remains so today, which makes it a world-class trading center. By setting an office in UAE, you will have easy reach to other markets in Africa, Asia, Eastern and Southern Europe. The country has the needed facilities to adapt international trade, with advanced marine ports, making setting up an office in UAE an appealing one.

  • Low Taxes

The government in the UAE offers good tax incentives to companies setting up an office in the state. There are no corporate or private taxes and this helps in taking a substantial financial and administrative burden off of international businesses. There are no trade barriers and no foreign exchange controls too.

  • A Huge Selection of Twenty-First Century Technological Options

In the last decade, the United Arab Emirates has made a name for itself as an authority in the areas of IT and telecommunications. With the ideal infrastructure and the most modern facilities, like the Dubai Media City, the country is an ideal spot to improve your operations.

Understanding of UAE’s business culture is very essential to be able to run your office effectively. Equipping your workers with this specific advice before their secondment will help international assignees work successfully and efficiently with their Emirates counterparts.

One of the many important aspects of setting up an office in UAE is the legal structure. The Commercial Companies Law also defines several kinds of legal entities, which may be created in the UAE. It sets out the conditions for firms when it comes to minimum capital amounts, managers, stockholders and incorporation processes. It further lays down provisions regulating amalgamation conversions and dissolution of businesses.

One popular city that most companies love setting their office in is Dubai. Rated as the 11 most dynamic city globally, Dubai has one of the most well rounded business environments around, as well as being a cosmopolitan city of diversity , located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia.  Dubai is well known for their world class infrastructure, luxurious hotels, amazing skyscrapers and a very vibrant expatriate community.

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