Serviced offices vs co-working space

Differences between a Co-working Space and a Serviced Office

In the course of our work, we are very often asked about this question. And we are aware that many people will still stumble upon it and struggle to answer it properly. Let’s take a closer look at this below Co-working Space Serviced Offices Office Open concept plan, collaborative, with shared amenities and facilities. Tend to incorporate lifestyle elements and facilities such as rest & massage rooms, in house cafes, bar counters and pool tables. Each office occupied by one […]

Kuala Lumpur Office Space

Kuala Lumpur: A Rising Location for Start-Ups

Anyone with a working knowledge of business in the Asia Pacific region will be aware of the ways Kuala Lumpur is emerging as a start-up hub, especially if you’re in with the up and coming crowd of entrepreneurs. It was also rated as the top 11 tech cities in Asia  However, it hasn’t always been that way. A while back, many top businesses in Kuala Lumpur were pulling out of the local scene and heading for Singapore, Australia or the […]

Office Space with full facilities

Mechanics of Searching for a New Office

Mechanics Of Searching For A New Office Gone were the days when you go searching for an office of 1500 to 2000 square feet , that can accommodate 8 to 10 persons. And you spend precious time visiting more than 10 sites with different real estate agents. Upon shortlisting the space, negotiating with the Landlord, and then renovating and out fitting it.  And you end up getting locked up in a 3 years lease without knowing how your business will […]

Demand For Serviced Offices Is Continuing To Grow: Here’s Why

The demand for co-working and service office spaces is growing rapidly all over the world – including Asia Pacific. In Hong Kong and mainland China especially, the rising costs of renting traditional offices is showing a significant increase, causing more startups and growing businesses to opt for a more affordable alternative. So what is the alternative? When businesses are looking for a commercial space that will also save them money in the long run, flexible office spaces and serviced offices […]

Co-Working & Serviced Offices

Key Differences Between a Serviced Office and Co-working Office

As your business begins to expand, you’ll no doubt consider moving into a commercial premises to run it from. But with so many choices out there, it’s important to know what your options are and which one could be the best for your business. Some businesses or entrepreneurs are suited to co-working for example while others would be more at home in a serviced office. Read on to discover the difference between the two to help you determine which one […]