The Absolute Essentials Every Tech Startup Must Have In Their Office

When moving into your first commercial space as an up and coming tech startup, you’ll probably be more than a little excited to start creating a space that fits your brand.

However, as you add your own personal flair to your new hub of creativity, it is easy to get carried away and forget about the essentials.

Read on to discover the basics every tech startup should have in their office!



After your fancy new work computer is set up, you are not quite yet good to go. Next, you’ll need to ensure you’ve installed a high-speed internet connection to get online.

Without making sure this is set up well in advance, you’ll experience significant downtime that could be better spent liaising with potential clients through the web, or taking advantage of digital marketing to promote your product or service.



So, did you think by being in tech all your stuff would be on the cloud? Wrong. You may think digital is the way, but you’ll soon get plenty of mail, documents, expense receipts, forms and more to store physical copies of. Not to mention you’ll need somewhere to store your office equipment, relevant books or references and even snacks! Having a good storage system is key.


Office supplies

Another example of off-line essentials are the standard office supplies you can expect to be using as you work. It can be frustrating when all you need is a post-it or stapler, and there’s none to be found!

Make a list of office supplies and head to your local store to pick some up. Your list should include pens, paper clips, staples, a stapler, a hole punch, rubber bands, notebooks, post-its, paper, files, and folders, tape, envelopes, bubble wrap, printer cartridges and anything else that’s essential to your day to day organization.


A mobile phone

You probably already have plans for an office land line, but you may wish to have a dedicated mobile phone for your most important clients to reach you directly in a pinch. Plus, if you choose a smartphone for this purpose, it can also be used to monitor and update your brand’s social media accounts in no time at all!


Somewhere to relax

Spending all that time focused on technology can be exciting, but also tiring! It can be helpful to step away from the screen and refresh your mind, so be sure to have a cosy chair or futon in case you need to sit back and take a short break.


So whether you’ve leased commercial space independently, plan on co-working or have a serviced office, don’t forget these must-have essentials!


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