7 Startups In Asia Pacific To Watch

It seems like startups are cropping up here there and everywhere – and with good reason! With so much innovation and creativity in the world, it can only be considered a positive that new businesses are branching out to share their ideas with the world.

Here are seven startups in Asia Pacific that are already showing signs of greatness.


  1. Omise

Thailand based Omise is an online payment company showing great signs of becoming a leading online service.

Last year, the startup caught a break by landing a $2.3 million Series A investment and a seven digit Golden Gate Ventures investment from Singapore.

With so much backing and hard work, the company is destined to rival big names such as PayPal.


  1. Didi Chuxing

The success of Uber in many countries around the world is no secret, so it’s not surprising that China has its very own rival. Founded as a startup in 2012, the company has continued to grow. Didi Chuxing provides a similar on-demand car service that’s proving to be just as successful as its US-based counterpart – it’s exciting to see what’s next.


  1. Ruangguru

Aiming to combat the problems surrounding Indonesia’s education system, Ruangguru provides Indonesia’s students with online and offline courses, dedicated tutoring and online test prep.


  1. Orami

Orami is an e-commerce startup based in Indonesia (founded by the Thailand based Moxy Group) who have aimed their online shopping experience at women, who are already an important factor of online shopping throughout Asia. The site aims to provide advice and recommendations to go along with each product their target consumer may consider.


  1. Euglena

Japanese startup Euglena uses microscopic algae to create nutrients through photosynthesis in order to create products that give the human body all it needs to survive healthily. The company’s goal is to solve the food related issues such as poverty across the globe.


  1. iFlix

Created as a competitor for US based streaming app Netflix, iFlix is based in Malaysia and plans to expand across Asia, Africa and Europe. This goal shouldn’t be too difficult, considering the startup is currently in the process of raising $150 million.


  1. IDNtimes

With no major competitor to the global phenomenon that is Buzzfeed, IDNtimes is bringing Indonesian internet users their fix of interesting articles, fun videos and more. The site will also fill a gap in the market considering sites like Reddit and Vimeo are blocked in the country.


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