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10 Things to consider when choosing a co-working space

With mushrooming of multiple co-working and shared office space in the past 2 years throughout Asia, choosing a space that fits you and your business may not be an easy task at all.

Let’s discuss are the specific things that needed to be considered carefully before signing up at your ideal office.


     1.   What’s in the space ?  

Most spaces will be fitted out with standard office equipment, but be sure to enquire about anything extra, like meeting room facilities, enclosed phone booths, breakout spaces, etc.

  1. The environment

For all businesses, especially startups, should focus on finding an office space that’s tailored to your needs and the industry you work in. For example workspaces that place a emphasis on AI ( Artificial Intelligence) , FinTech, E- Commerce etc.   Work spaces with a design centric that’s focused on collaborative and ideas sharing is the most highly sought after factor most businesses are looking for now while hunting for a office space.

  1. High Speed internet

When choosing a co-working space, one of the first things you may want to make doubly sure is the speed of the internet. In a shared office space environment, you do not want the speed of your internet to be drastically slowed down by the many users within the same compound. You want a connection that’s fast, reliable and stable, so be sure to test the Wi-Fi speeds to ensure they’re up to your expectations. Also if necessary, please find out whether are there any packages are available for additional bandwidth and internet use for your team dedicated usage.

  1. Perks

Its a standard feature for many shared office spaces to provide free tea, coffee and water, However in a ever increasingly competitive shared workspace industry,many others have began offering perks like gym, spa, cafes with piped in music and even free beer! Always regard all these perks as a bonus. However do not sign up at such offices just because of such perks if the office does not serve a primary purpose to you and your team in the first place.

  1. Security

Make sure that the office is located in a secure building or location with all security measures like CCTV cameras &  security access etc. So that you feel safe leaving your work overnight, so check what the security protocols are and whether your space of choice takes any specific security measures.

  1. Your own working hours

Due to drastic changes to our working landscape , more and more people are working longer hours and across different time zones. You need a space that fits your own and team’s working hours. Choose a space that is open when you require it. Some are open 24/7, while others operate at flexible hours. The availability of air con could be a challenge here as most commercial buildings in most cities are only available during normal business hours.

  1. The location

Take serious consideration of the location where you will be working in. Especially if you will be expecting visitors frequently. Convenient transport links,  easy access to F&B, supermarkets or gyms are some of the most important things most office tenants look out for nowadays. You may also want to choose a place that’s close and convenient to all of your team members.

  1. Any hidden costs

Before signing up, always check if  there are any hidden costs at your space of choice? At most co-working spaces, there may be additional costs for using meeting rooms, kitchens, printing or internet. Of course many of such costs can be avoided through tactful negotiations.


      9.  Testing the space out

No amount of site inspection will be sufficient than having a free trial. Select a place that offers you a free trial of a day or a week.  This will be the most ideal way to check out that this space really fits you and your team.


     10 .  Engage a office space consultant 

Do not wish to waste too much time in searching for the right space? Especially in city that you are new in. Look for an experienced and well versed office space consultant that specialise in Flexible Office Space solutions in the city of your interest. You will be able to get all the information you require and just giving a call or sending a email. This will short cut your entire process and save you lots of time and money !


Find Your Next Office has been helping small, medium and big businesses and enterprises in renting flexible office spaces including, serviced offices, co-working and office sub-lets in most cities in Asia Pacific. Most importantly our services are free and non- obligatory ! Simply just fill up a form , email us or just give us a call , we will be ready to help you in obtaining your dream office space in no time !


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