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Why rent a Serviced Office?

With the rise of co-working offices in Asia in recent years, the usage of Serviced Offices have also increased proportionally. For many businesses to choose their office space, there are now a huge plethora of choices. Renting a Serviced Office is still a very popular choice as it still serve the many purposes of a modern business and its needs which a traditional workspace and even a co-working space can’t fulfil.

  • First and foremost every business requires a professional business address to add weight to their corporate image. Most business centres on AsiaServicedOffices.com provide some of the most prestigious business addresses  in cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong & Shanghai etc.
  • Serviced offices provide a reception service to greet your visitors and receive your mails at the centre’s front desk. This creates a very professional image for your business and also help in saving costs for hiring an receptionist for such tasks.
  • The front desk also provides phone picking up service for your business, thus enhancing your corporate image. Within your own private office suites, each business is equipped with their own phone line and fax number.
  • Well equipped Meeting and conference rooms are available for hire within  the same business premises on a ad hoc on demand basis.
  • Many businesses also rent server space to place their own servers.
  • One major hightlight of renting serviced offices are the low start up costs involved. and the fast start up time in a hassle free manner. Most agreements are made flexible and tailor made to the respective needs of each company.

Conclusion : The above represent tons of costs savings in terms of capital and human resource. With the above massive advantages for new start-ups, Small medium sized business and even Multi National Corporations, many chosen to use Serviced offices for their temporary and even permanent offices of their choice. With so many Serviced Office Providers available in the marketplace, one may have a tough time to choose the most ideal one that suit their business.

Since 2012, we have been helping businesses of all sizes in procuring their ideal Serviced Office in the city of their choice. With the most comprehensive network of more than 2000 serviced offices available in the Asia Pacific region, we are well placed to advise and provide them their ideal office space of their choice in the fastest time possible.

Please contact us today and have a non obligatory chat with our customer service team and see how can we help you!



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