Serviced offices vs co-working space

Differences between a Co-working Space and a Serviced Office

In the course of our work, we are very often asked about this question. And we are aware that many people will still stumble upon it and struggle to answer it properly.

Let’s take a closer look at this below

Co-working Space Serviced Offices
Office Open concept plan, collaborative, with shared amenities and facilities. Tend to incorporate lifestyle elements and facilities such as rest & massage rooms, in house cafes, bar counters and pool tables. Each office occupied by one business with greater privacy. Shared facilities often comprises of meeting rooms, board rooms, pantry and open discussion areas.
Design Co-working spaces tend to be more informal and often seek to be creatively inspirational. They usually include brighter and fresher colours, as it is deliberately designed to attract more millennials than the usual corporate crowds. In Serviced offices they are more designed for the corporate environment with more subtle mood and colours.
Culture Used largely by startups and freelancers, and managed by community managers whose duties include instilling a spirit and culture of sharing and collaboration. It has been portrayed in the media that its seen as a new & preferred way of a lifestyle by choosing to work in a co-working office. Largely used by businesses of all sizes from a one or 2 men team to bigger businesses of 20 to 100 pax. Very often used by large corporations for interim usage for spill over staff from their main offices due to projects , office relocation or renovations.  
Lease type Flexible and membership-based Leases are usually 3-24 months

Still unsure of  the differences ? Not sure which is a better option for your business?

Speak to our friendly customer support team today.We have both co-working space and serviced office options in all cities all over Asia Pacific.


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