Doing Business in Beijing: Here’s What You Need to Know

Commonly referred to as the ‘business hub of China’, Beijing has a rich business history. The historical location was first chosen as China’s capital in 325 A.D. during the Yan dynasty.

It has remained the capital ever since, aside from a period during the Second World War in which Nanjing became the capital of China. It has transformed over time, encompassing both traditional Chinese culture and innovative industries and trades.

Due to the climate in Beijing, the area was once known for its agricultural industries. The rainy yet warm, humid environment is key to abundant produce, leading to the development of agricultural businesses. In addition to providing the perfect setting for farming work, Beijing has easy access to natural minerals.

Today, however, it is a thriving city of finance and investment, making it a great location for modern businesses and potential growth.

Beijing has grown throughout dynasties, and continues to today.

In the past Beijing was categorized as a developing economy because the population relied on agriculture for a living. This has changed and developed as technology expanded and as a result, the city is now highly industrialised and has both the Chinese government and investors around the world taking a significant interest in its development as a center for commerce.

In 1980, Beijing underwent economy reforms that have allowed its trade industries to grow and prosper. More and more workers, entrepreneurs and investors are moving away from traditional careers in order to establish or support Beijing based start-up companies or financial industries.

There are a number of points that make Beijing an attractive option for business.

    Start-ups looking to employ a reliable workforce affordably will also find Beijing suited to their needs. While workers are expecting more than they would a few years back, it’s still considerably more affordable than in other regions.

    Banking is excellent in Beijing, giving it yet another positive in the eyes of current or prospective business owners.

    People in Beijing place a high value on their work and have strong worth ethics, leading to a good relationship with work and a positive attitude, making work environments a good place to be.

    The Chinese attitude towards contracts is also appealing to many. Rather than setting a contract right off the bat, contracts in Beijing are signed far later into the process, giving the signees time to fully understand and adapt to the terms of the agreement.

You may already be running a small business from your home in Beijing, or perhaps you’re considering making a move to the city for business and heading straight into commercial space.

Regardless of your situation, Asia Serviced Offices can help you find the ideal property for your needs, leading to an effortless move and a positive work environment.