Everything You Need to Know About Shanghai’s Start-Up Scene

Shanghai is often referred to as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China – if not the most! That’s not surprising when you consider the diverse, ever-changing environment that’s also incredibly fast paced in the worlds of both business and lifestyle.

While you may be inclined to think of Beijing as China’s number one business location, Shanghai also has its merits that have led to it becoming an attractive place for upcoming companies, expansions and start-ups.

Shanghai is the largest city in the world today and has often been listed as a ‘financial capital’, comparable to both London, UK and New York, USA, which are both high profile cities for international business. Its cosmopolitan living environment also promotes diversity and innovation, which are proven to boost upcoming ideas and a creative way of life.

As for why start-ups specifically are heading to Shanghai, rather than the capital city of Beijing; it’s worth noting that although the business community is smaller in Shanghai, it is also more accessible – helping smaller businesses get their foot in the door and begin climbing the entrepreneurial ladder.

There are also a number of networking events held regularly across the city, that can help to inspire start-up owners, up and coming entrepreneurs or experienced business people alike and enhance brand or company recognition.

If you weren’t already convinced that Shanghai is a great scene for start-ups, try taking a look at business site angel.co’s listings for the city. As of writing, the site lists over 285 start-ups and 13,518 investors in Shanghai alone, as well as 60 jobs for those seeking employment at an up and coming company. And that’s just on one site!

Starting up a business in Shanghai is relatively straightforward, so start-ups needn’t be too intimidated as long as their business plan is solid and they have the capital to invest in their new venture. However, international entrepreneurs should note that only Chinese nationals are able to register a business in the country. As a result, anyone seeking to start a company in China from abroad will need to have a Chinese business partner you can fully trust with your company and revenues.

Whether you’re moving to Shanghai with the aim of starting up a new business or you’re a Shanghai-based start-up looking to expand into real commercial space, Asia Serviced Offices are ready to help.

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