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Why Serviced Offices Are More Expensive Per Square Foot Basis and Why They Are Worth It

Why Serviced Offices Are More Expensive Per Square Foot Basis and Why They Are Worth It

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Whether you’re an existing business looking for new premises or a start-up in search of a place to get started, a serviced office could be for you.

If you’ve been looking around and your options when it comes to commercial space, you may have noticed that serviced office can often amount to more money per square foot. This may have lead you to consider whether they truly are worth the expense and whether the inclusive services are really enough to make a difference. As it turns out – they are.

Serviced offices are great for professionals on a budget, so read on to discover the ways serviced offices can work for you financially.

Even though they’re more expensive, you’ll save money in the long run. Here’s how:

Think of everything you’d have to pay out for in an un-serviced office. There are rental feels, internet connections, phone lines, installation fees, monthly bills for utilities, furniture, snacks, drinks, janitorial services, repairs, maintenance work… the list goes on and the price certainly adds up! With a serviced office, there’s no need to worry about any of this – it’s all included in your monthly fee.

In addition to these vital essentials being included in your agreed price per month, you’ll also save yourself plenty of time leading to less unpaid hours. You won’t have to worry about downtime due to the inclusion of on-demand tech support and you won’t have to worry about as many important decisions as they’ll all be taken care of for you.

Additionally, you’ll be able to do your research before deciding which serviced office contract to agree to, helping to ensure you get the best possible deal. This may not be as easy with an un-serviced office as you’d find yourself with a large number of separate providers and contractors to negotiate with.

Are serviced offices really worth it?

For companies on a budget, the facts listed above speak for themselves. You’ll be able to save both time and money as you get set up in a real commercial space which is likely to be a significant upgrade from your spare bedroom, home office or garage!

Whether you’re happy to stick with serviced offices for the long haul or plan on using them as a stepping stone to an independent lease in the future, they are definitely worth considering.

No matter what your reasons are for taking an interest in serviced offices, Asia Serviced Offices can help. Get in touch today to discuss the benefits of leasing commercial serviced office space across the Asia Pacific region.