When to use Serviced Offices in Jakarta

When to Use Serviced Offices in Jakarta

Jakarta, being the capital of Indonesia is a place where a lot of businesses are being housed. If you are at the decision making point whether moving in to a new location for your office, or starting a brand new business, serviced offices in Jakarta is one thing that will make the whole project a lot easier for you.  If you’re putting up a new business in Jakarta, you obviously need a space or location where you can house your staff and equipment. Getting a new office means looking for a place strategic to the business. Using serviced office in Jakarta can make things a lot quicker as it is usually ready for occupancy, and also very much accessible to you, and to the market.

Listed are some reasons when a serviced office Jakarta would be the best option for you:

Business Expansion

If your business is expanding due to higher demands and increasing number of customers, you have an option to get a temporary office where you could start your operations while preparations are being done for your movement to your permanent office which can house all your staff and equipment. Serviced office in Jakarta will provide you the comfort of a fully furnished office space, lower advertisement charges, and accessible location all for a cheaper price.

Location is not strategic and not accessible

If your business if headquartered in a remote area or at a place which is not accessible to the market, or if you are in a production, or manufacturing business, serviced office  in Jakarta will do the trick for you. You can lease service office in Jakarta in a pad which is close to the location that you chose. This is the best time to let everyone know about your business, especially to those who are not familiar with its location.

Peak season versus off season

Best example for this one is if you’re running a tourist company. There would definitely be a time of the year where tourists are flooding, and there would be recess times. During the peak season, for you to be able to keep up with the competition, you can hire serviced offices in Jakarta in places where these tourists would probably be going or staying. You can designate people to the hired offices. These offices could be one that’s located near the airport, embassies, sea ports, attraction sites, film theatres, and malls. This means you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of relocating or having a new office built for you.

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