How Office Design May Affect Your Productivity

How Office Design May Affect Your Productivity

(Asia Serviced Offices)

Having access to a commercial space dedicated to your business is the ultimate goal for many business owners. Ideally, the office should be filled with motivation, creativity and productivity. However, bad design may end up having the opposite effect, essentially dampening the mood and nature of your working environment.

How is design linked to productivity?

An employee’s environment has been proved to affect the way they focus at work. In fact, various studies have suggested that good office design may improve productivity by up to 20%.

Firstly, however, it’s important to educate your employees on the best way to reduce chaos and improve focus, such as:

Clear all clutter.

Ensuring all files and documents are sorted efficiently.

Keeping often used items in accessible locations.

Recycling or discarding any trash or unnecessary paperwork.

Labelling any unclear storage compartments for easy access.

Spend 10 minutes everyday to ensure that your office is neat and tidy.

All of the above can contribute to a less cluttered working environment, which will subsequently benefit workers in the vicinity. Reducing clutter will also ensure the benefits of great design are visible and effective.

Design elements are key in reducing feelings of demotivation or poor productivity.

Elements to Avoid:

Poor lighting. Dark working environments may cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, eye strain and even depression.

Uncomfortable chairs. If an employee’s chair is not adjustable to their spine and height, they may begin to experience back pain.

Cluttered storage. When things pile up in a disorganised manner, employees will find themselves stressed and frustrated. They may end up spending more time searching for essentials than they do actually working.

Any of the above will result in factors that may detract from an employee’s focus. Instead, try to improve the working environment by ensuring these potential dangers are taken care of.

What to Include:

Motivational colours for a office design. Colours have been shown to affect the moods and cognitive function of humans, so by including positive hues within the office, you’re sure to create a sensation of productivity. While you may not be able to decorate if you don’t own your office, you can still enjoy artwork or decorative pieces to add a touch of colour.

Plant life. It’s been suggested through a number of studies that plants in offices can result in increased productivity and happiness. Try low-maintenance potted plants such as cacti or succulents.

But what if I’d rather focus on my business than my office?

If office design is a concern yet you don’t have the time or funds to hire a professional interior designer, you may consider a serviced office.

These offices are available fully furnished, allowing you to complete the look by adding your own finishing touches. These may include artwork, photos or ornaments – anything you choose!

A number of serviced offices are available to lease from Asia Serviced Offices at a number of locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

By taking the ready-to-go approach, you’ll be able to create a positive, productive working environment in no time.

Ready to lease a office, always feel free to engage us to procure your ideal office today!!!