Initiatives for Start Ups in Asia Pacific: Could You Be a Contender?

Initiatives for Start Ups in Asia Pacific: Could You Be a Contender?

Any serious entrepreneur with a great idea will be looking for the perfect way to get their innovative new idea off the ground in the form of a successful start-up.

This is less of an issue for those who have savings in the bank, but what about those who don’t? Luckily for lower income entrepreneurs, there are initiatives in place all around the world to help those with groundbreaking, original ideas turn them into a reality.

More specifically, there are several initiatives that cater to those across Asia Pacific, helping to further boost the region’s emerging markets.

Citi Mobile Challenge

US-based banking company Citigroup currently runs a corporate accelerator programme aimed at start-ups across Asia Pacific. Prior to the challenge, Demo Days are held in Bengaluru, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

All participants will have a chance to share their ideas with the community, while finalists will be introduced to leading entrepreneurs within the digital, telecom and e-commerce industries.

Innov8 Sparks by Singtel

Innov8 Sparks is not just one funding initiative, but several that have combined as a network to support start-ups in Asia Pacific.

The affiliated programs offer start-ups support, working space, introductions to local industry leaders and information and resources that relate to the local area.

APEC Start-Up Accelerator

The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) created the Start Up Accelerator to enable start-ups within the region to develop innovatively whilst gaining experience in entrepreneurship through capacity building activities, connections to high profile entrepreneurs and a look at other successful start-ups supported by angel investors or venture capital funding.

Crowdtivate by StarHub

If applying to a limited start-up programme seems intimidating, or if your applications have previously been unsuccessful, crowd-based funding could be an option.

Crowdtivate by Singaporean company StarHub is a crowd funding platform specifically aimed at budding entrepreneurs in Asia. Funding is gathered from supporters while validation can be gained from votes or feedback on the site to heighten a start-up’s credibility.

MIT Innovation Initiative

Most recently in November 2015, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced its Innovation Initiative, which is to be launched in Hong Kong next summer.

Successful candidates will be given workshops in developing a business plan while gaining production experience in Shenzhen, China.

If you fit the criteria for any major initiatives and feel that your start-up has the potential to grow into a success, do a little research into each program and send off an application. You never know where it could take you!

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