Serviced Office or Virtual? Are Brick and Mortar Locations Right for You?

Serviced Office or Virtual? Are Brick and Mortar Locations Right for You?

If you’ve recently decided to upgrade to a more professional business setting to improve the functionality of your business, you may have searched for the different types of offices available.

Two of these are the virtual office and the serviced office.

These terms are often used frequently online when discussing office space, so it’s understandable why it’s easy to confuse the two. The difference is simple, as the two are actually very different things.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is just that – an office based in cyberspace. It has much of the functionality of a brick and mortar office, yet the administration of business and office life is taken care of online.

The virtual office was created in order to allow business owners and their employees to work freely from their homes or any other location they desire, providing they have a computer, internet connection and phone.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a form of brick and mortar commercial space. Instead of leasing an office and arranging your utilities, bills, services and furnishings yourself, the serviced package will include all of these in one simple monthly fee.

The concept is aimed at business owners who wish to have commercial space without the stress of setting up multiple contracts for their amenities. They are also ideal for businesses on a budget as they often provide better value than un-serviced commercial leases.

So which one is for me?

Making the move into a brick and mortar location is a big decision. Here are the points you should be considering.

  • Location

Do your clients or customers visit you to discuss business? If so, your location could be important. Many virtual offices provide you with an address you can use to represent your business, however if clients wish to arrange a meeting, they’ll be far more impressed by a serviced office than your spare room at home.

  • Cost

Can you really afford to expand? If you’re still starting out and don’t have a reasonable turnover, you may prefer to continue working online from home through a virtual office before committing to a brick and mortar location.

However, if you can afford to, leasing a serviced office will provide the perfect setting for you and your employees to work seamlessly together for ultimate productivity.

  • Subject to Change

If you’re not sure where your business is headed, it might be wise to stay put until you have a better sense of direction for the future. A short-term virtual office will provide all you need for the mean time.

But if you’re already becoming established, have a business plan in place and feel you’re ready to expand into commercial space, go ahead and take the leap!

By understanding the options that are available to you and your business and taking the time to research and understand the pros and cons of both virtual offices and serviced offices, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when deciding on the future of your business based on your needs.

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