13 Myths Debunked: The Truth About Serviced Offices

13 Myths Debunked: The Truth About Serviced Offices

If you’re considering leasing a serviced office for your business, you may have noticed rumors or opinions online that may have put you off the idea. However, many of the things people think about serviced offices are actually not true at all. Here are 13 myths it’s time to debunk!

Serviced offices are too expensive.

The monthly fee may seem a lot, but when compared to the amount you’d be spending on rent, utilities, maintenance, connectivity, insurance, furniture, reception services and cleaning to name a few, the cost significantly adds up!

With a serviced office, this is all included in the price, making them a great value!

Moving premises will take too much time away from your work.

Providing you’ve organized and packed your equipment, files and furniture before leaving, getting your new office set up should take no time at all.

Telephone and internet rates are higher than you’d pay elsewhere.

If anything, they’ll actually be cheaper than you’d pay elsewhere! As a large company, the office as a whole will be entitled to discounts and offers, which are then passed on to you.

‘Flexible’ contracts aren’t flexible because you’re stuck in one location.

With many serviced office contracts, you may be able to work and visit hot desks at other company-owned locations. It’s something you’ll need to ask your supplier before committing.

Serviced offices aren’t ideal for short business cycles.

If your employee turnover rate is high, having a serviced office will make it easier to add or remove staff by up or downsizing as needed. When you’re running a business from your own home, adding staff could be a problem!

Serviced offices are for start-ups or solo entrepreneurs.

Many medium to large businesses choose to use serviced offices to reduce their costs, take away the responsibility of certain tasks or move closer to the city they operate in.

You can’t customize your office.

You’re perfectly able to customize your office and promote your brand. In most cases, you’ll be allowed to include signs or decorations as long as any markings left in the office are not permanent or damaging.

Serviced offices don’t look professional.

Any office looks more professional than your home office or garage, so don’t worry if you can’t compete with grand custom offices just yet. It’s your business plan that counts.

Opening hours are too limited.

Many serviced offices allow 24-hour access!

The location doesn’t matter for serviced offices.

Location does matter, so rest assured knowing you’ll find high quality serviced offices in all major cities across Asia Pacific.

Serviced offices are only available on short-term leases.

Many businesses choose to lease serviced offices for the long term due to their ease of use and affordability.

The internet will be too slow for serious business.

Not true – your internet speed will be comparable to that of any large office building or workplace.

You’ll be trapped by hidden costs.

Most companies offering serviced offices will state ‘no hidden costs’ and will be honest about the breakdown of your free from the beginning.

So, now you know none of these common myths are true, it may be time to take the plunge and lease the perfect serviced office for your business!

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