Serviced Office For Rent at Dubai

Top 5 reasons for choosing serviced offices for rent

Are you thinking about expanding or downsizing your company or looking for an office space for a short period of time,  for a project with extra manpower or for a short term period ? See our top five reasons below why renting a serviced office may benefit your business

1. Flexibility – One of the largest benefits of using serviced offices is their flexibility. You can just lease them for one month or for several months and are designed to accommodate a wide variety of businesses which can upsize or downsize as they need. They usually do not require huge up-front deposit fees and you do not have to commit to a two or three lease terms as what most leases of conventional offices require.

2. Location – To some companies, location is extremely important when it comes to creating the right image for your business, yet renting offices in prime city locations would usually be costly. And its often very difficult to procure small conventional office space for setups smaller than 4 persons.  Serviced offices however allow you to obtain your sought after business address in a Grade A office building downtown at a affordable monthly rent.

3. One monthly payment – Serviced offices allow you the convenience of paying just one consolidated bill , instead of  making several payments to different service providers.  The bill usually comprises of rent, internet access, telephone, reception, security staff, furnishings, air conditioning, utilities, office cleaning  kitchen facilities, insurance, mail handling and other ancillary charges.

4. Easy access to Business facilities  – Most business centres have a full-time receptionist help to answer your calls and attend to your guests and visitors.  You can also hire meeting or board rooms at a ad hoc basis, thus offering a professional office environment which many small businesses could not afford usually.

5. Networking opportunities – Serviced offices give you the ability to network and cross sell within a variety of  businesses located within the same business facility. Today you are just as likely to find all businesses of different sizes and setups from startups to Multi National Fortune 500 companies on the same floor.


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