Looking the Part: Improving your Professional Image with a Serviced Office

Looking the Part: Improving your Professional Image with a Serviced Office

(Asia Serviced Offices)

As a new business, you’ll likely find yourself pulling out at all the stops to ensure you come across as knowledgeable, competent and professional.

When promoting yourself to businesses and clients, it’s important to look the part if you want to be taken seriously.

To ensure you’re seen as worthy of their business, you may need to work on your image. This will include the obvious steps, such as improving your telephone manner and dressing sharply at meetings, however you may also find your business location has a significant influence on peoples’ perception of you and your company.

How can a Serviced Office Improve my Professional Image?

When you rent a serviced office for your business, you’ll have a number of benefits such as a professional environment and plug-in and go convenience. Additionally, though, there are perks that could also enhance the way your company is presented.

A prestigious address.

Having an address located in the central business district of your city will look far more professional than your home address in the suburbs.

Clients will recognise the location as a business hotspot and will be far more likely to consider a company that associates itself with a professional setting.

Secretarial staff.

Most services offices today come with a professional phone answering service included in the cost. Your clients will appreciate the professionalism as a trained administrative assistant answers the call politely and effectively before connecting the caller through to your office.

More time to spare.

As everything is taken care of with a serviced office, you’ll be able to spend less time on tasks that may detract from your ability to focus entirely on your business.

With your new-found time to spare, you’ll be able to dedicate yourself fully to your work, leading to a hardworking, professional image.

Less risk of downtime.

If you’re faced with deadlines or a busy period for your clients, a technical failure could be catastrophic. You’ll have to seek professional advice, arrange a visit from a technician, order any necessary parts and wait until your machinery is repaired.

All the while, your clients could be taking their business elsewhere.

When you lease a serviced office, professional on-demand IT support services are included with your monthly fee. This enables you to get back on track as quickly as possible, ensuring neither you nor your clients are missing out on important business.

If you feel your business could benefit from a fresh new image, you may wish to consider renting a serviced office for a true sense of professionalism. Asia Serviced Offices cater to businesses of all sizes around the Asia Pacific region, helping you get set up effectively in a commercial space that suits your needs.