Using shared offices for recruitment firms

Benefits of Using Shared Offices for Recruitment Firms

Generally, recruitment is a procedure whereby a company that requires staff hires a third-party agency to select appropriate employees based on their skills and abilities. Many small businesses can easily recruit new staff by throwing a local advert in newspaper, magazines and public notice boards. However, in the case of a larger company is not the same.

Self-recruitment is not usually practical with larger businesses as it is impossible to fill a large number of vacancies in a different location through in-house local advertisements. Thus, large-scale businesses rely on the services of a recruitment company or agency for recruitment.

A recruitment company bridges the gap between employers and job seekers. The major aim of a recruitment firm is to satisfy the requirements of both parties. The increasing number of recruitment agencies and the reducing rate of companies’ recruitment offers have made the industry a highly competitive one.

Thus, all recruitment firms are working assiduously on improving their agency outlook in other to attract more companies to partner with them. Offering a hassle-free, speedier, and easier recruitment packages are not enough to attract companies for partnership. Along with fast changes in technology, the presentation, image, and flexibility of your recruitment agency is also something you should work on. Hence, using a shared office is one of the ways to further enhance your firm’s competitiveness.

Shared office space for recruitment firms

Shared workspaces are a type of flexible working environment where individuals or team of individuals from different origins and work-type work in an open or semi- private office environment. Such an environment is usually owned and run by an independent operator, i.e  co-working space or serviced office operator. Flexible working spaces are often rented out to tenants or members per hour, day, week, month, or any other negotiated time frame.

Recruitment firms can also benefit from the growing popularity and versatility of shared offices. Discussed below are the benefits of using shared offices for recruitment firms

  1. A better first impression

One of the most important tools for every recruitment agency is the power of “the first impression”. According to the popular adage, “the first impression lasts longer”. More so, it is often said that we make up our minds in the first few seconds we meet people for the first time. The same principle applies to the recruitment industry. You are trying to handle the future career of job seekers and as well hire workers on behalf of a large organisation. Thus, you need an outstanding environment to appease both parties.

As a recruitment agency, you are doing critical work in convincing companies and individuals  the quality of your service. However, the good work you have done via a phone call can easily be forfeited with a poor and unorganized environment. Shared working spaces, on the other hand, are well-managed and critically sanitized. Plus, the gorgeous-looking environment and well-mannered co-workers are all positive and bright convincing factors to your clients.

        2.   Set up quickly and easily with serviced office spaces

One of the key benefits of a shared office is that you can easily and quickly set yourself up. You don’t have to start looking for an office space to rent, equip, and rebrand for your agency. Instead, all you need is to purchase a license for a serviced office space and you will be given an already-furnished office facility in a matter of hours.

More so, shared offices are available in different sizes, configurations and facilities.They are usually equipped with everything you need including chairs, tables, and other office equipment that are ready to go. The ease and speed of set up are vital to recruitment firms that need to set up immediately for a particular project.


        3. Opportunity to access even advanced functions

Serviced workspaces come with a number of added functions that are beneficial to your recruitment firm. For instance, most shared offices have meeting/conference rooms which you can use for your interview/board meeting. Of course, one of the key parts of recruitment is having an initial candidates’ discussion. A meeting/conference room of a shared office facility can become handy in this context. Having such facilities outsourced and available on a ad hoc basis adds huge value and cuts down huge costs for small and medium sized recruitment firms when such facilities are not utilised at all times.


           4.      Flexibility

A recruitment firm can also benefit from the flexible nature of using serviced offices or co-working space. Most shared workplaces have different plans ranging from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly. Since initial recruiting work is digital; it does mean that you may need to spend a huge portion of your time in the comfort of your home or travelling to meet your prospects. Thus, there is almost no need for a permanent fixed office.

Moreover so, you may need to render your service to clients in another city/ location. Of course, you cannot continue to set up new offices in each of these new locations without first establishing a solid clientele base.

Shared offices allow you to lease their facility for the interim period of time you need to work in an office. For instance, if the new recruiting process requires 7 days, you can easily lease the facility for 1 week. Also, if you wish to go to the office just twice a week, shared workplaces allow you to pay only for the days you wish to access the facility


           5. Meet and socialize with new people

Shared workspaces , specially co-working space , are a great place and way to meet new people, socialize, and expand your’s and your brand’s base. Since there are many individuals, firms, agencies, and businesses using the same shared office and facility, you can easily introduce your business and services to them. It’s very common that many great  business ideas and deals were created and concluded in such a environment. Having a great source of referrals from such networking is a major reason why networking events in such shared workspaces are so popular now.

Here comes the big question

The big question of all time is whether using shared offices such as  serviced offices  and co-working space are really better compared to conventional offices in terms of cost, efficiency, and value. The answer, absolutely, is that shared offices are better off in almost all aspects. Serviced offices eliminate the stress, hassle, time, and cost required to look for, equip, and set up a conventional office space.

Of course, this flexibility is a key to the development and uniqueness of every recruitment agency. More so, serviced offices allow recruitment agencies to manage their fixed capital. They can decide when to use the facility and when not to.

More so, using shared offices means you will also access the facilities additional functions like event space, reception, gym, and  even IT team  and see them as an extension of your own team.

Bottom line

Without a doubt, shared offices i.e serviced offices and co-working spaces are a great blessing to recruitment firms. They give your company a great first impression, workspace specially customised for you and your team , equip you with the advanced functionalities, the opportunity to network with your potential clients and maximising your firm’s branding,and best of all it’s flexible, and easy to set up. Can you now see how you can benefit from using shared offices?

Wish to know more about using flexible workspace and shared offices for your recruitment firm? Contact us today and let us know how we can help.


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