5 Things That Determine the Professional Image of Your Office

5 Things That Determine the Professional Image of Your Office

(Asia Serviced Offices)

Are you looking for new business opportunities but worry that your office is limiting your options? Here are five things that determine the overall image of your office and how to improve them to raise your chances of success.


By locating your business in a good area, especially one that’s often associated with your industry, you’ll automatically be seen as more relevant and professional to others in your sector than those in lesser known locations.

Why? Because by showing you understand the ‘place to be’, you are proving your knowledge of trends within your sector.

Tip: Most serviced offices are located in bustling business hubs of selected cities, so why not see if there are any available in your region?

Work Environment

By having a highly functioning office complete with the top of the range technology and happy employees, you’ll instantly look more professional than someone who is working in a simple rented room.

Tip: Put a little effort into your décor, staff and productivity to boost morale and create an environment anyone would want to spend time in.

Staff Efficiency

If someone is trying to get in touch with you or your employees in order to request information regarding your company, they are probably expecting a professional response.

If your staff is rude, badly organized or inefficient, this will reflect badly on the company as a whole and also the individuals themselves. In return, you may lose potential business opportunities as many business owners would be inclined to seek a more professional standard elsewhere.

Tip: To avoid missing out, ensure your employees are all up to speed with the ins and outs of the company. You should also seek to arrange a professional call answering service who will deal with enquiries in a polite, helpful manner. Luckily, this is usually included when you lease a serviced office!

Employee Appearance

You may have heard the saying ‘looks aren’t everything’ but it’s often suggested that when employees make an effort with their appearance, they’ll be more motivated to act in a professional manner – making your company overall look professional in the process.

Tip: Dress the part by wearing professional office attire and encourage your employees to do the same. The result will be a workforce that’s dedicated to the presentation of the company as well as their individual tasks.

Office Décor

Yes – the way you choose to decorate your office is important! If your workspace is decked out with dull colours and lacklustre furniture, it won’t appear to be a particularly motivating place to work. Your potential employees may prefer to apply to bright, productive companies instead.

Tip: If that sounds like something you want to avoid, try using clean, neutral tones and great lighting. Combine your fresh looking environment with pops of colour and perhaps a little plant life for a natural yet motivational atmosphere.

Whether you’re running a serviced or un-serviced commercial space, these tips can be applied to any working environment to ensure a professional image, helping you appear more favourably in the eyes of both clients and employees. Try them out today and start noticing the difference!