Tips to Make Your Office a Fun Place to Work At

Happy workers are the key to success. It is important that your workers feel comfortable inside the office environment so that they can put in their best efforts and work efficiently. Modern offices are coming up with innovative ways to brighten up the environment. If you expect your employees to stay back late for work, then give them sufficient reasons to do so. Here are some ways in which you can turn your office into a more relaxing place for […]

How To Save Money When Buying Or Leasing A New Office?

You can save money by reducing the costs of buying or leasing a new office. There are a number of ways in which you can pull down your expenditure and run your office at minimum costs. A right-sized office Get an office space that has sufficient space to accommodate all your office activities, but is not too large that some portion of it remains useless. Remember that lease rates increase with the floor area, so it’s better to have a […]

Tips to find the right property for your business

When starting a new small scale business, there are a number of factors to consider before selecting an office space: 1) Office Size What size is your company, how many employees will it have, how much space does each employee require to work, does it need a conference room, reception or a pantry? These are some of the basic questions that are needed to be asked. For a small business, capital is limited and there are plenty of other things […]

Why to rent a serviced office?

Most of the entrepreneurs have a common question “is it beneficial to rent serviced office”? Well, the answer is yes. There are countless benefits of leasing a serviced office over purchasing your own office space. First and foremost benefit is that you do not have to pay hefty amount of money for owing a space for your business. The monthly payment of serviced office is less than 60% when compared to the total amount of leasing a traditional office of […]

The Top 10 Cities Globally for Commercial Real Estate

The Top 10 Cities Globally for Commercial Real Estate The ebbs and flows of the global economy is hard to predict, but some things stay consistent.  For the past couple of years, the cities who show the most growth and potential for businesses to setup shop have remained fairly predictable.  This is for good reason, though, you want to go where the money is, where the investors are concentrating on, and where technology and innovation are king.   The U.S. […]

Ways to Reflect your Business Ethics Within your Office

Ways to Reflect your Business Ethics Within Your Office There’s plenty of way to kill employee morale in the workplace, but one of the biggest elephants in the room that often doesn’t get addressed is the ethics of a business.  We all know the economy is currently in a state where employees don’t have much to complain and therefor will put up with more mistreatment or unsavoury business practices, but in order to retain valuable and hardworking staff, you must […]

9 Coolest Serviced Offices in Asia You Wish You Worked In

Between the rising costs of setting up an office and the ever increasing needs of modern businesses, it is not hard to see the growing appeal of serviced offices. Below are nine such offices that have caught our attention by setting themselves apart from the rest.   1.     One Island East (Quarry Bay, Hong Kong) This serviced office is located in One Island East, the newest tower of the Island East complex, stands as the 6th tallest building in the […]

Guide To Setting Up An Office In Hong Kong

  About Hong Kong A former British Colony, Hong Kong is now a booming and vibrant city that is a colourful mix of both Chinese and Western cultures. China governs Hong Kong under principle of “One Country, Two Systems”, in which Hong Kong experiences a high degree of autonomy in most aspects of governance.     Benefits of setting up an office in Hong Kong Free economy Despite the transfer of sovereignty from United Kingdom to People’s Republic of China […]